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Association Sponsorship Yearly Agreement

Name of Sponsoring Organization:

Sponsor’s Representative: ___________________________________________________
Street Address: ____________________________________________________________

Telephone Number: ________________________________________________________
Email Address: ____________________________________________________________
The Charles County Family Day Care Association, Inc. (CCFDCA, Inc.) appreciates your organization’s
willingness to serve as a sponsor beginning _______ and ending______ __.
In as much as CCFDCA, Inc. seeks to establish ongoing relationships with community partners that share
our ideals and commitment to children, final authority for the maintenance of standards and the
administration of the sponsorship agreement rests with CCFDCA, Inc.
The considerations and responsibilities mutually agreed upon by CCFDCA, Inc. and


Shall be that for a contribution of $150.00 the Sponsor will be entitled to:
 A copy of your business card attached to a monthly email, sent to members.
 Mention in any event program generated by CCFDCA, Inc. until the conclusion of this
sponsorship agreement.
 A copy of each of the aforementioned items.
 An invitation to attend any special trainings or events that are held by CCFDCA, Inc.
 Advertising spot on our web site
 May offer a fundraising opportunity through the CCFDCA, Inc. membership.
It is agreed that ____________________________________________________________
And Charles County Family Day Care Association, Inc. (CCFDCA, Inc.) accept the responsibilities of
sponsorship for the period of one year from __________________________, 20____
To _______________________________, 20_____

Sponsor’s Representative Date ______________

CCFDCA, Inc. Board Member Signature Date ________________